Feeling Renewed..

“In travelling through the dense forest of the insular legends, and stirring the ashes of the continental Celtic world, we did not hope to uncover the plan of a vast edifice, a temple of the Celtic gods, partly overrun by the luxuriant wilderness and partly ruined by invaders. The indications are that this edifice never existed. Other people raised temples to their gods, and their very mythologies are temples whose architecture reproduces the symmetry of a cosmic or social order-an order both cosmic and social. It is in the wild solitude of the sacred woodland, that the Celtic tribe meets its gods, and its mythical world is a sacred forest, pathless and unbounded, which is inhabited by mysterious powers. Against these powers, man, situated in the midst of the supernatural, and himself possessed by it, defends with difficulty by force or by magic his small domain, which is always surrounded by invisible tribes and subject on certain ritual days to direct invasion.” – Celtic Gods and Heroes – Marie-Louise Sjoestedt

Yesterday I finished reading this book that I had longed to buy, most of the information presented was noting new or major to me its fairly familiar stuff and the book itself is only 95 pages noting too heavy. But when I read the above quoted passage from the conclusion of the book, I got what I can only describe as a spark going off in my chest which is the old yet rare and familiar sign for me that something has clicked into place a piece of the jigsaw fitting where it should. With that “spark” my brain went into complete over drive with ideas, a burst of excitement and with that the overwhelming sense that the path I choose to follow is leading me in the right direction. I feel renewed and with that I feel more confident in the direction I choose to take after thinking long and hard after the oracle I received 6 months ago. The last month alone has been one of small yet steady growth, noting spectacular to the outside person but to me it has made me feel so blessed and thankful for so many things.


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