Holy Sisters Three

According to Cormac’s Glossary, Brigit was a set of triplets, daughters of the Dagda, all of the same name: a goddess of poetry, a goddess of smithing, and a goddess of leechcraft. – Mary Jones

The Goddess Brighid-Miranda Gray
The Goddess Brighid-Miranda Gray

I finally created separate prayers for my devotions to each of the Bridget’s (pats self on back). When I made my first offering to Bridget almost 2 years ago, I made one  request to her on that sunny Imbolc afternoon that I be able to write prayer’s so that the Gods can be glorified (I’m all about the glorification of the Gods, I think it’s a holdover from been raised RC and all the  Glorying to the father, son and holy spirit that they do)

Little did I know it would take almost a year and a half before I would start to get the desire to actually put pen to paper, I had been wondering for ages why there had been no inspiration or urge to write. It turns out I needed to know my shit before I could do what I had wanted to do from the beginning of finding CR. And in August of this year it started with my first prayer been to Anu.

For a long time I had seen Bridget as a single deity and it was all grand in my mind she was a single deity in complete oneness, The it all changed Milk I offered went sour, Incense and candles I had offered would quince just after lighting or half way through, the air was heavy and tense when I would go to pray to her and I would make reference to one Bridget. Then in reading I came across Bridget as 3 sisters and so it kept going round in my head to refer to these two other sisters and when I found a prayer appropriate to use and I said the words “Oh sisters three who hold all art and craft in hand”*  The heavy and tense air around me lifted and the way it was put across to me “All was right with the world once again”. No more sour milk, incense and candles burned through and with it came the desire to write prayers in glory of the Gods. They are a mystery and it is not my wish to try to comprehend why the gods do the things they do, such mystery’s will never been known to us in life and I doubt even much so in death. Some people see and experience Bridget as one deity with many duty’s which I have no problem with, and then there are others like me who know Bridget as three sisters each one as much an individual with her own wants and desires but still there is that feeling of unity around them.

Glory To Bridget Holy Sisters Three.

*To Bridgid-Fieldstones


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